Folk Roots Radio Episode 372: Rosie & the Riveters and More New Releases

Folk Roots Radio Episode 372: Rosie and the Riveters & More New Releases

Alexis Normand from Saskatoon feminist vocal group Rosie and the Riveters joins us on Episode 372 of Folk Roots Radio to chat about their great new album “Ms. Behave”. Named after the World War 2 feminist labour icon, Rosie the Riveter – the band are a study in contrasts – three voices, the bright red lipstick, the curls, the post war dress, vintage harmonies and a sassy choreographed stage show – coupled with songs that whether playful or serious are deliberately intended to provoke, empower and inspire. It’s a great interview – well worth sticking around for. And, as always, we also check out more of the latest new releases including new music from Chris LaVancher, Joe Jencks, John McCutcheon, Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita, David Leask, Scott Anthony Andrews and Tom Rush. Check out the full playlist below.


Rosie and the Riveters were a four piece at the time of their very well-received debut “Good Clean Fun”. They’re now a three piece featuring Farideh Olsen, Alexis Normand and Allyson Reigh. Their sophomore release “Ms Behave” produced by Joshua Van Tassel (Sarah Slean, Rose Cousins, Great Lake Swimmers) is released April 6 2018 and sees the band taking more of a political bent this time around, reflecting the tumultuous times we’re living in, as the voices raised for true gender equality get louder every day. Their song “I Believe You” was written as a response to the great many stories about sexual assault and harassment they heard from friends and family as well as through the media.

Check out the song’s wonderful video HERE. Proceeds from “I Believe You” will be donated to organizations that provide support for survivors of sexual abuse. Learn more about the band and check out their upcoming tour dates online at Photo: Crystal Skrupski.

Show Notes

Notes about some of the new music on our radar that made it into Episode 372 of Folk Roots Radio.

We started off the hour with four great songwriters… three songs, but four great songwriters. We lead off with 2014 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist Chris LaVancher with “Going Back Home” from his excellent new album “Big Fat Love” (2017, Self) and followed that with “Why Are All The Guns Still Firing”, the great new single from Chicago singer-songwriter Joe Jencks.

Joe Jencks released a great album of his own songs “Poets Philosophers, Workers and Wanderers” last year. He also joined us in the studio to record a session for the Sun Parlour Coffee House Sessions. The new single is from his upcoming album entitled “The Forgotten: Recovered Treasures From The Pen Of Si Kahn” which features 14 previously unreleased and unrecorded songs from organizer, activist, and American Folk master, Si Kahn – and a fabulous songwriter. The new album was recorded in Toronto with Ken Whiteley. More about that album on a future episode.

And finally, one of the best songwriters of them all, folk stalwart John McCutcheon with “This Road” – a song about a World War 2 veteran coming home from John’s 39th album, “Ghost Light” out now on Appalsongs. That song also features harmonies from Kathy Matea and Tim O’Brien with Stuart Duncan on fiddle and mandolin.

This episode’s instrumental features two virtuosos Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita who produce beautiful ethereal music together on Welsh harp & the Kora – the 21 string Senegalese West African Harp. On this episode we played the beautiful “Listen To The Grass Grow” from their wonderfully atmospheric and inspiring second album “Soar” (2018, bendigedig). it’s definitely worth checking out especially if you love instrumental world work with a new age edge.

Scott Anthony Andrews originally from Nova Scotia, now living in Regina SK has released a new pop/jazz album “I Don’t Do Lazy Like That” (2018, Self). On this episode we play his song about wisdom and yoga “Wisdom Is Waitin’ On Me”.

David Leask has a new E.P. out, “Six in 6/8” which features six songs recorded in 11 studios from Toronto to Montreal, Nashville to Alabama, and all in his favourite 6/8 time signature. On this episode we play his song about keeping your head above water in challenging economic times, “Caught In The Tide”.

We wrapped the hour with another folk great, Tom Rush. One the last folk giants from the 60s folk boom who’s still very active, who has just released a new album “Voices” – the first in his 50 plus year career featuring all original songs (ten) alongside a couple of traditional songs.

And that’s all we have time for, this time around. Thanks to all the artists who share their music with us, and thank you for listening. We have a lot of great music and interviews to bring you on future shows. I hope you’ll join us!


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Nicolas & The Iceni (Theme)
Lucy She Rises (Demo)
Roll Right (Pre-release, self)

Chris LaVancher
Going Back Home
Big Fat Love (2017, Self)

Joe Jencks
Why Are All The Guns Still Firing
The Forgotten: Recovered Treasures From The Pen Of Si Kahn (2018, Self)

John McCutcheon
This Road
Ghost Light (2018, Appalsongs)

Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita
Listen To The Grass Grow
Soar (2018, bendigedig)

Rosie and the Riveters
I Believe You
Ms. Behave (2018, Self) CDN

Interview: Alexis Normand from Rosie and the Riveters discussing their new album “Ms. Behave”.

Rosie and the Riveters
Ask A Man
Ms. Behave (2018, Self) CDN

Rosie and the Riveters
I Wanna Be King
Ms. Behave (2018, Self) CDN

Rosie and the Riveters
Ms. Behave
Ms. Behave (2018, Self) CDN

David Leask
Caught In The Tide
Six In 6/8 (2018, Self) CDN

Scott Anthony Andrews
Wisdom Is Waitin’ On Me
I Don’t Do Lazy Like That (2017, Self) CDN

Tom Rush
Voices (2018, Appleseed)

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