Folk Roots Radio Episode 667: feat. The Rough & Tumble – Only This Far & More New Releases

Folk Roots Radio Episode 667: feat. The Rough & Tumble - Only This Far & More New Releases

Mallory Graham and Scott Tyler make music together as playful travelling folk duo, The Rough & Tumble. They join us on Episode 667 of Folk Roots Radio for a fun chat about their excellent new album “Only This Far”. As always, we wrap up the episode with more new releases, and this time around we check out new music from Jayme Stone, Katie Dahl, Joe Crookston, Don Ross, Steve Dawson and David Bradstreet. We close things out with Joni Mitchell and a beautiful live version of “Both Sides Now” recorded at the 2022 Newport Folk Festival. The perfect way to wrap up an episode we think you’ll really enjoy! Remember, If you like the artists you hear on this show and want to support them, don’t just stream their music – BUY their music, and then you’ll really make a difference to their income at a time when it is becoming much more difficult to make a living as a musician. Check out the full playlist below.

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Mallory Graham and Scott Tyler are definitely no strangers to Folk Roots Radio. Fresh from causing a stir at the 2023 Folk Alliance International conference, Mallory and Scott join us for an in-depth conversation about their latest album “Only This Far”. More of the great music we’ve come to love from the band, some serious thought provoking songs, some not so serious fun songs – but all very engaging.

“This album is about showing up, not only for the hard stuff but for the easy stuff. It’s got the usual heavy subject matter and the not-so-usual heavy subject matter – and there’s a lot of fun on it, too. Most of the songs grapple with the endings of things-life, friendships, bounty- but we hope that it also serves as a reminder that we are still somewhere in the middle. We are only this far. There is more to come and while life will inevitably go bad again for all of us – there is no avoiding that – we’re gonna be alright. We start and end the record with an iteration of that lyric. I’m gonna be alright. We truly believe that. You’re gonna be alright, too.”

“Only This Far is a record about all we carry and for the time we carry it, and knowing when it is time to stop carrying it after all. Somehow, even after we lay it down, it still remains part of us.”

Much as changed since the last time we chatted with Mallory and Scott – not just the arrival of a new album. In fact, after spending most of the last ten years on the road – travelling from gig to gig in their fifteen foot camper van with their two dogs, they now have a home base in Haverhill New Hampshire.

“We wanted this record to be bigger, more immediate. What that meant was that we relied on our band in some serious ways this go around. A big thank you to Telisha Williams of the band Wild Ponies who played standup bass for us and who, with her musical and life partner, Doug, lent their voices to a few songs as well. They just had a baby a couple days ago, so a big congratulations to them and their family! Our friend, Alice Wallace sang a beautiful high harmony on “The Weather” and “Shallow Fall,” in a way that makes us want to sing three part harmony all the time. Longtime friend and stellar musician Zach Vinson played piano on “Ain’t That the Way” and “Get Your Shoes On” and really brought the party to those songs. Now, drummers are hard to find and great drummers even harder to find. Chris Benelli is a great drummer and takes care not only to play it until we’re happy, but also to play it until he’s happy. That sort of investment is what makes his playing so spot on. Once again we worked with East Nashville’s Dave Coleman, who is one of the most talented producers/engineers we know and has become a good friend. Dave just oozes musicianship, whether he’s playing guitar, bass or editing some weird-ass wine glass part we’ve become confident he’s gonna make it sound good.”

The Rough & Tumble are great live. They have a sound that is far bigger than two musicians should ever be able to produce. Their shows are also great fun. Don’t miss them if they are coming to your town!

For more information about The Rough & Tumble, visit

Show Notes

We started off the episode with Jayme Stone and “Circle Song”, a beautiful multi-voice a cappella featuring the multi-talented Moira Smiley. It’s the second of five collaborative tracks Jayme Stone is releasing this year.

“Jericho” comes from Wisconsin’s Katie Dahl’s very well received seventh album “Seven Stones”. Jericho is a song about longing for a deeper connection. It also features backing vocals from Eliza Gilkyson.

Joe Crookston reminds you to take time to settle into the beauty of the moment, rather than letting your mind wander off on its own on “Looking For Yes” from his ambitious new project “Nine Becomes One”; a release that features nine EPs of five songs that use music, lyrics, and imagery to explore the power of unity and the journey towards wholeness. “Looking for Yes” features on the first release from the project, “Chapters 9 & 8”.

“This song grew out of a live outdoor festival improv. It’s a song-reminder to look up at the sky, to notice the starlings, to feel the breeze on your shoulders and to feel alive. For me, looking for yes is an invocation. It brings me and the listener into the present moment of simply being alive.”

The instrumental on this episode comes from Canadian singer-songwriter and fingerstyle guitarist Don Ross with his instrumental guitar piece “Seabright” which was written while sheltering in place in coastal Nova Scotia during COVID lockdown. You can find it on Don’s latest album “Water” which features a blend of solo guitar music and vocals tracks, and includes contributions from special guests Bruce Cockburn, Brooke Miller, Michael Manring, Sean Hall, The Atlantic String Machine and The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Nashville based Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer Steve Dawson has recorded his own version of Cowboy Jack Clement’s “Guess Things Happen That Way”, a song that is mostly associated with Johnny Cash. You can find it on Steve’s latest album, the very well-received “Eyes Closed, Dreaming” which his third release under his own name in the past year. That’s all on the side of the great work he is doing as a producer and a guitar player for hire.

Talking of great covers, David Bradstreet has recorded his own version of Tom Waits’ Grapefruit Moon. You can find it on David’s latest release, “Hindsight”.

We closed out the episode with Joni Mitchell, and a live version of “Both Sides Now” recorded at the 2022 Newport Folk Festival, from a set she performed with Brandi Carlile, that also featured Allison Russell and as host of other fine musicians. It’s great to hear Joni in fine voice and having fun.

That’s all we have time for. Thanks to all the artists who share their music with us, and thank you for listening. We have lots of great music and interviews to bring you on future episodes.

Stay safe and well everyone!

Photo Credit: Annie Minicuci Fine Art Photography.


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Dave McEathron
His Mother Called Him Angel (Instrumental Version) (Theme)
Abandoned Companions (2018, Self) CDN

Jayme Stone
Circle Song (feat. Moira Smiley)
(single) (2023, Folklife Records) CDN

Katie Dahl
Seven Stones (2023, Leaky Boat Records)

Joe Crookston
Looking For Yes
Nine Becomes One (Chapters 9 & 8) (2023, Milagrito Records)

Don Ross
Water (2023, GFM Records) CDN

The Rough & Tumble
Ain’t That The Way
Only This Far (2023, Self)

Interview: Mallory Graham and Scott Tyler from The Rough & Tumble join us to chat about their new album, “Only This Far”.

The Rough & Tumble
God Of War
Only This Far (2023, Self)

The Rough & Tumble
Carry You
Only This Far (2023, Self)

The Rough & Tumble
Get Your Shoes On
Only This Far (2023, Self)

Steve Dawson
Guess Things Happen That Way
Eyes Closed, Dreaming (2023, Black Hen Music) CDN

David Bradstreet
Grapefruit Moon
Hindsight (2023, Self)

Joni Mitchell
Both Sides Now (Live at the Newport Folk Festival)
At Newport (2022) (2023, Rhino) CDN

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