Folk Roots Radio Episode 357: Best of 2017 – The Next 15

Folk Roots Radio Best of 2017 - The Next 15

We’ve already released our Top Ten albums of 2017 – you can find those on Episode 356 of Folk Roots Radio. This time around we tackle ‘The Next Fifteen’ with an episode featuring some of our favourite tracks from those albums. It’s a great privilege to bring lots of great music and interviews to you each week on Folk Roots Radio, something we’re looking forward to continuing to do throughout 2018. As always, this list only includes those albums that were received from October 1st, 2016 – September 30th, 2017. Listen to tracks from the Next 15 and check out the full playlist below.

The Next Fifteen

100 Mile House – Hiraeth (November 18 2016)
Beyries – Landing (February 24 2017)
Shawn William Clarke – Topaz (September 1 2017)
Scott Cook – Further Down The Line (March 24 2017)
John Craigie – No Rain, No Rose (January 27 2017)
Brendan Scott Friel – Quiet Cars (March 18 2017)
MANdolinMAN – Unfolding The Roots (March 24 2017)
Danny Michel – Khlebnikov (January 20 2017)
Carmel Mikol – Daughter Of A Working Man (May 1 2017)
Zoe Mulford – Small Brown Birds (February 3 2017)
Ian Sherwood – Bring The Light (September 15 2017)
Merlin Snider – One Light Many Windows (November 21 2016)
Jayme Stone – Folklife (April 7 2017)
Jenny Whiteley – The Original Jenny Whiteley (September 16 2016)*
Campbell Woods – Oxford Street (April 25 2017)

* Album received after September 30, 2016.

The Top 10

1. Rob Lutes – A Walk In The Dark (September 8 2017)
2. Rachel Baiman – Shame (June 2 2017)
3. Abigail Lapell – Hide Nor Hair (January 9 2017)
4. Ken Yates – Huntsville (October 4 2016)
5. Harpeth Rising – Against The Tides (April 28 2017)
6. Jerry Leger – Nonsense & Heartache (March 31 2017)
7. Richard Laviolette – Taking The Long Way Home (March 10 2017)
8. Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio – Singin’ (June 30 2017)
9. Sarah Jane Scouten – When The Bloom Falls From The Rose (June 16 2017)
10. Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro – Static In The Wires (February 13 2017)

As I mentioned before all these “Best of” lists are very subjective. But they’re also a fun way to reflect on a year gone by, and hopefully get people to check out some great music they may not have realized they like. If there are albums, you think I should have included, get in touch. Maybe they didn’t make them on to my radar, or perhaps I never received a copy of something I just have to listen to. Or maybe you just want to share your list. You can do that on our Folk Roots Radio facebook page. You can also get in touch with my on Twitter @folkrootsradio.

And that’s all we have time for, this time around. Thanks to all the artists who share their music with us, and thank you for listening. We have a lot of great music and interviews to bring you on future shows. I hope you’ll join us!


You can listen to this episode again on Soundcloud by following the link below. You can also listen to episodes of Folk Roots Radio, on demand, via iTunes, Mixcloud, Stitcher and Tune-in Radio. (Click on the highlighted link to reach your chosen platform.)

Nicolas & The Iceni (Theme)
Lucy She Rises (Demo)
Roll Right (Pre-release, self)

Brendan Scott Friel
My Light Is On
Quiet Cars (2017, Self) CDN

Landing (2017, Self) CDN

Campbell Woods
Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Oxford Street (2017, Self) CDN

100 Mile House
All We Have
Hiraeth (2016, Self) CDN

Mazurka Houtem
Unfolding The Roots (2017, Arc Music)

Danny Michel
24,000 Horses
Khlebnikov (2017, Self) CDN

Shawn William Clarke
The Tourists
TOPAZ (2017, Self) CDN

Ian Sherwood
Bring The Light (2017, Self) CDN

Zoe Mulford
The President Sang Amazing Grace
Small Brown Birds (2017, Azalea City Recordings)

Merlin Snider
Abraham’s Light
One Light Many Windows (2016, Barking Dog Music)

Scott Cook
If He Showed Up Now
Further Down the Line (2017, Self) CDN

Jayme Stone
That’s All Right
Jayme Stone’s Folklife (2017, Borealis Records) CDN

John Craigie
Michael Collins
No Rain, No Rose (2016, Self)

Jenny Whiteley
The Original Jenny Whiteley (2016, Black Hen Music) CDN

Carmel Mikol
Daughter Of A Working Man (2017, Self) CDN

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Host of Folk Roots Radio, Jan Hall started in Radio in 1993 at WEFT 90.1fm in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Folk Roots Radio (formerly Royal City Rag) debuted on CFRU 93.3fm in August 2005 before developing into a syndicated radio show. As the host of Folk Roots Radio, Jan focuses on bringing new folk, roots and blues music and the voices of upcoming and independent artists to the airwaves. Jan is also a much sought after stage host and festival emcee. In 2019, Jan Hall received Folk Music Ontario's prestigious Estelle Klein Award for her contribution to Ontario's folk music community.

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