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Episode 224: The East Pointers
Sweet and Sunny South

Episode 224: The East Pointers

This week’s new release hour features lots of new music and a feature interview with The East PointersKoady Chaisson (banjo), Tim Chaisson (fiddle), and Jake Charron (acoustic guitar), who sat down with us at the Folk Music Ontario conference to chat about their debut album “Secret Victory”.

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Sweet and Sunny South

This is a nice video to a beautiful song, the thought-provoking “Sweet and Sunny South”, by New Orleans based singer-songwriter Gina Forsyth (of The Malvinas) . It’s a song that speaks to the culture of the deep south of the United States. It really has great cross over potential for folk and politics; perfect for those who enjoy what we do here at Folk Roots Radio but also take in the humorous political commentary and interviews on our sister show Beyond the Ballot Box. Thanks to uber-humour-folkie Christine Lavin for the heads-up and the video.

For more on The Malvinas: visit www.themalvinas.com
For more on Gina Forsyth: visit www.ginaforsyth.com
For more on Christine Lavin: visit www.christinelavin.com

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