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The Bombadils – In The Studio

The Bombadils – In The Studio

Montreal-based progressive celtic/bluegrass band The Bombadils joined us in the studio on May 10 2014. Their music draws from Québecois, Irish, and bluegrass folk influences but as a whole it’s pure Bombadils; a decidedly contemporary sound that combines soaring melodic lines, tight rhythmic energy, and virtuosity.

Formed in 2009 at McGill University, the band has performed regularly since then around Montreal in pubs and cafés while completing their studies in jazz and classical music. They released their debut CD “Fill Your Boots!” in 2012 and will release their new album, tentatively called Grassy Roads, Wandering Feet (after a Yeats poem that forms that basis for a song on the new album) later this year.

For more information, visit thebombadils.com.

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