Episode 153: Ian Reid

Folk Roots Radio on June 7 2014 (Episode 153) featured the usual mix of great music – some new, some not so new, and a visit from Ian Reid, who joined us in the studio to chat and play a few songs from his new album “Delivered On Delhi Street”. Guelph area Delivered On Delhi Street CD release shows are scheduled for Waterside Park, Rockwood (June 13) and Magnolia Café, Guelph (June 21).

I’d like to tell you that I’ll remember Folk Roots Radio on June 7 for the great in-studio appearance by Rockwood singer-songwriter Ian Reid, but unfortunately that won’t be the case. Sadly, I’ll be remembering it as the show that disappeared into the ether because of a technical failure in the CFRU archival recording system. Living in a digital age when archiving radio shows is effortless, so it was very frustrating to find out that a show that felt great when I prepped it and when I delivered it, was lost. I’d like to say this is the first time this has happened but I cannot, and for that reason, I will be instituting the ‘belt and braces’ approach to archiving interviews and in-studio appearances from now on.

For those that listened on Saturday, I hope you enjoyed Ian’s studio appearance and for those who missed it – please accept my apologies. I’ll be offering Ian a chance to come to our home broadcasting studio for ‘a re-do’ once the studio is up and running ….here’s hoping that all goes smoothly!

This week’s mystery theme was dedicated to Guelph’s two beautiful rivers, the Speed and Eramosa Rivers in recognition of the 3rd Annual 2 Rivers Festival taking place in Guelph from June 7-15. It was an opportunity to dust off a lot of the great ‘river’ songs in my collection, which is a bit of an explanation of why it was seven songs long this week rather than the usual six songs. With so many songs to choose from it was hard to decide who should make the cut. I also had to be cognoscente of the fact that I’d played a similar set a year ago, for the same reason. This set included some great songs by Buddy & Julie Miller, James Keelaghan, Michael Jerome Browne, Davell Crawford and The Blind Boys Of Alabama – but I must make special mention of young Guelph musicians Elivia Cazzola and Bedsheets, who are just starting out in their music careers. Please consider checking out all the artist links we provide in the playlist each week, we add them in the hope you’ll explore, and, of course, they can all do with the extra promotion.

For our Guilty Pleasure this week we went back to 1987 and played a Scottish band Deacon Blue and “Dignity”. This one was especially for my doctor-daughter who has been visiting us from the UK. In truth though, it was also for me as she was only a two-year old toddler at the time that song was originally released! It’s a beautiful song with great lyrics about a council employee who dreams of one day having enough money to buy a small boat that he will call “Dignity”. The song means a lot to me and my daughter, and evidently many in Scotland feel the same way. I get goosebumps just thinking about it and writing about it, which I guess means it was perfect for the Guilty Pleasure feature of the show. Its not so much about sharing camp songs that you are embarrassed about (though they still qualify) but rather about songs you still love after all these years that may have a bit of an interesting backstory.

If you have a guilty pleasure you’d like to share – that song you still love though you think other people would find it unfashionable (believe me, they won’t), get in touch. We’d love to play it for you! And, if you have a good story about why you love that song, so much the better.

Well that’s just about everything for this week. You can find the full playlist for the show below.

We’d like to tell you that you can listen to the show again in the CFRU 93.3fm archive HERE but unfortunately this week you won’t be able to. Perhaps, you’ll check out some of our other archive shows instead.

Thanks to all the artists who share their music with us, and thank you for listening. We’ll see you next week!

Mystery theme: “Rivers”
2Rivers Festival – Guelph, June 7 – 15 2014

Buddy & Julie Miller
The River’s Gonna Run
Buddy & Julie Miller (2001, Hightone / Shout!)

James Keelaghan
River Run
My Skies (1993, Tranquilla Music) CDN

Elivia Cazzola
The River (Demo) (2013, Self) CDN

The Giving Bear
The Giving Bear E.P. (2012, Self) CDN

Michael Jerome Browne
Green River Blues
Double (2008, Borealis) CDN

Davell Crawford
Gather By The River
Our New Orleans: A Benefit Album (2005, Nonesuch)

The Blind Boys Of Alabama
Down By The Riverside
Down In New Orleans (2008, Proper Records)

Ian Foster
Man Out Of Time
The Great Wave (2014, Self) CDN

Colin Boland
There You Go
Colin Boland (2014, Self) CDN

Mary Gauthier
Walking Each Other Home
Trouble and Love (2014, Proper Records)

Linda McRae
Another One Got Away
Fifty Shades Of Red (2014, Borealis) CDN

This week’s Guilty Pleasure:
Deacon Blue
Raintown (1987, Columbia)

Shari Ulrich
It’s Alright
Everywhere I Go (2014, Borealis) CDN

Durham County Poets
Long Way To Go
Chikkaboodah Stew (2014, Self) CDN

Ian Reid joined us in the studio for a chat and play a few songs from his new album “Delivered On Delhi Street”

“Delivered On Delhi Street”: CD release shows in Waterside Park, Rockwood (June 13) and Magnolia Cafe, Guelph (June 21)

Ian Reid
Delivered On Delhi Street
Delivered On Delhi Street (2014, Self) CDN

Ian Reid
Guts (Live In The Studio)

Ian Reid
The Day Is About Done (Live In Studio)

Ian Reid
Delivered On Delhi Street (2014, Self) CDN

Ian Reid
Ladybug (Live In Studio)

Ian Reid
West River Song
Delivered On Delhi Street (2014, Self) CDN

Mary Margaret O’Hara
Anew Day
Miss America (1988, Virgin) CDN

Background Music:
Charlie Haden and Hank Jones
Wade In The Water
Steal Away) (1994, Verve / Universal)

Jayme Stone
Andrea Berget
Room of Wonders (2005, Self) CDN

Lawrence Blatt
Into the Abyss/Infra Red
The Colour of Sunshine (2009, LMB Music)

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