Playlist: Episode 170

Folk Roots Radio on October 11 2014 (Episode 170) was broadcast live from the Guelph Farmers Market as part of CFRU 93.3fm’s annual Raise Your Voice funding drive. In honour of Thanksgiving (Canadian), this week’s show also featured a Canadian and close to home music mix alongside feature interviews with Guelph-based musicians Nicole Ensing (with The Wild Oats) and Tyler Wagler.

This year, CFRU’s Raise Your Voice is focusing on ‘Tuning In The Neighbourhood’. CFRU hopes to raise $10,000 to keep the station’s new mobile studio, funded by a New Horizons grant, moving around Guelph in search of new radio voices and new stories. The mobile studio is a more compact, accessible version of the broadcasting equipment available at the station’s University of Guelph campus hub. This year, everyone that donates $30 or more will receive station-branded earbuds in their own carry case and a t-shirt. CFRU toques, magnetic poetry, mugs, tea, and the very popular Key to the Station, featuring the CFRU’s “Best of 2014” (four megabytes of your favourite CFRU shows – all on one handy USB stick) are available for higher level donations. To make a donation, please call the station request line at 519-837-CFRU (2378) or use the Paypal setup on the CFRU website HERE.

This week’s mystery theme celebrated Thanksgiving (Canadian) with a music mix focusing on the desire to be at home with family and friends for the holiday. As we were live and mostly local musically, that gave us the opportunity to play music by Drew McIvor, Paul Federici, Ashley Condon, Preetam Sengupta, The Good Lovelies and Mr. Guelph himself James Gordon.

This week’s Guilty Pleasure wasn’t really a ‘guilty pleasure’ at all but a request we thought we could slip it into that slot. Aspiring politician and regular Guelph listener Phil Allt asked that we play the original version of the Lewis Melville song “Noah’s Work”. Most people will probably be familiar with the version by Lewis’ musical partner Tannis Slimmon that appears on her 2013 album “In And Out Of Harmony”. Lewis’ version is somewhat longer, at 8:24 compared to the 6:23 on Tannis’s album, and is delivered with a little bit more menace, and added sound effects. It’s definitely worth coming the two versions. Thanks, Phil, for the suggestion!

If you have a guilty pleasure you’d like to share – that song you still love though you think other people would find it unfashionable (believe me, they won’t), get in touch. We’d love to play it for you! And, if you have a good story about why you love that song, so much the better.

This week we played two interviews. Guelph-based pianist and vocalist Nicole Ensing and Chanter Records’ Ross McKitrick joined us to chat about the new Nicole Ensing Band album “Riddles and Creeds”, which is based on the poetry of G.K. Chesterton (29 May 1874 – 14 June 1936). Later in the show, Guelph bassist and singer-sopngwriter came in to discuss his new EP “4 Songs” and Guelph show with fellow singer-songwriter David Sereda on Friday October 24. You can find the full length version of both those interviews elsewhere on this website.

This week’s show wouldn’t be complete with out a plug for Fish & Bird’s Guelph CD release on Wednesday November 12. Folk Roots Radio is promoting this one, we’d love you to join us for what promises to be a great evening of refreshing folk, Fish & Bird style. For more information on the show, check out this post.

Well, that’s about all we have time for this week. You can find the full playlist for the show below. Thanks to all the artists who share their music with us, and thank you for listening. DJ MacDee will be sitting in for me again next weekend, as I will be at the Folk Music Ontario conference. We’ll see you in a couple of weeks.

You can listen to the show again in the CFRU 93.3fm archive HERE.

Mystery Theme: “Home – Thanksgiving (Canadian)”

Drew McIvor
Coming Home
Porchlight (2014, Self) CDN

Paul Federici
Far From Home
Now And Then (2013, Self) CDN

Ashley Condon
I’m Going Home, Amen
The Great Compromise (2013, Laker Music) CDN

Preetam Sengupta
Back Home
(hopeFull) (2011, Self) CDN

The Good Lovelies
Let The Rain Fall (2011, Self) CDN

James Gordon
Home’s Not Just Where The Heart Is
Song For Our City (2002, Pipe Street Records) CDN

M. Mucci
Home Is Still Home
Under The Tulip Tree (Tall House Recordings, 2008) CDN

Lewis Melville
Noah’s Work
Noah’s Work (2003, DROG) CDN

Shore Thing
Some People
Outside Voices (2014, Self) CDN

Shane Jacob Philips
Travelling On To Mars
Social Justice & Peace (2014, Jacob Records) CDN

Nicole Ensing Band
A Child Of The Snows
Riddles & Creeds (2014, Chanter Records) CDN

Interview: Nicole Ensing & Ross McKitrick (Chanter Records) discussing the new Nicole Ensing Band album “Riddles & Creeds” that takes its lyrics from the poems of G.K. Chesterton.

Nicole Ensing Band
A Second Childhood
Riddles & Creeds (2014, Chanter Records) CDN

Luke Michielsen
Every Time I Come Home
Oh Surround Me (2014, Self) CDN

Ambre McLean
Wish I Could
Me (2014, Northwood Records) CDN

Lynn Jackson & Chris Boyne
Coming Down
The Acoustic Sessions (2014, Self) CDN

Jane Lewis
Stay With Me (2014, Self) CDN

Fish & Bird
Something In The Ether
Something In The Ether (2014, Self) CDN

Tannis Slimmon
In & Out Of Harmony
In & Out Of Hamony (2013, Self) CDN

John Mann
Moving Day
The Waiting Room (2014, Self) CDN

Shane Cook & Jake Charron
Ontario Tunes (Sir Wilfred Laurier,/Timbertown/Snowflake Breakdown/Whitefish In The Rapids)
Head to Head (2014, Self) CDN

Jessy Bell-Smith
Deep Water
The Town (2014, Self) CDN

Interview: Tyler Wagler discussing his work as a bassist and his own singer-songwriter career.

Drew McIvor
Suzanne (feat. Moonshiner’s Daughter)
Porchlight (2014, Self) CDN

Interview: Tyler Wagler discussing his work as a bassist and his own singer-songwriter career.

Tyler Wagler
4 songs EP (2014, Self) CDN

Conor Gains Band
Run Away With The Night (feat. Matt Weidinger)
Run Away With The Night (2014, Self) CDN

Mati Haskell
Be Back Soon
10, 2 & 6 (2011, Americanada Records) CDN

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