Folk Roots Radio Episode 467: feat. Emily Mure & More New Releases

Folk Roots Radio Episode 467: feat. Emily Mure & More New Releases

We’re pleased to bring you another episode of all female artists on Episode 467 of Folk Roots Radio. New York City based singer-songwriter Emily Mure joins us to chat about “Sad Songs and Waltzes”, her wonderful E.P. of reimagined cover songs. We’re big fans of Emily’s music, and it was a real pleasure to welcome her to Folk Roots Radio. We also check out more of the latest new releases and this time around we hear from Coco Love Alcorn, Jordana Talsky, Annie & Rod Capps, The Sweet Lowdown, Anna Ludlow, Katherine Fischer, West My Friend, Dayna Manning and Sharon Goldman. Check out the full playlist below.


Emily Mure is a classically-trained oboist who performed at world-class venues like Carnegie Hall as a teenager, before picking up a guitar and developing a career as a singer-songwriter. After three albums of original music, Emily’s six-track EP of reimagined cover songs, “Sad Songs and Waltzes” features folky and acoustic versions of songs that were originally performed by Radiohead, The Cranberries, Coldplay, Willie Nelson, Wilco, and The Shins.

Working on these songs – favourites while she was growing up, gave Emily the opportunity to use her classical music background to take some of these songs, like Radiohead’s “No Surprises” (with the addition of piano, English horn and cello) to another place altogether. This is not the first time that Emily has added interesting covers to her albums – a version of Cake’s “Mexico” appeared on her second album “Odyssey” (2013), and David Bowie’s “As the World Falls Down” was included on “Worth” (2017).

“This is a passion project and something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. One of my favourite things to do is to reimagine other artists’ songs. These covers are a mix of collaborative studio magic and my very deliberate arranging.”

The new E.P. was co-produced with Dan Cardinal at Boston’s Dimension Sound Studios with a small group of collaborators including Elizabeth Ziman (from Elizabeth and the Catapult) who played piano and added background vocals, Audrey Q. Snyder (cello), Emily DiAngelo (English horn) and singer/songwriter Caroline Cotter (backing vocals).

For more information about the music of Emily Mure, visit

Photo: Manish Gosalia.


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Nicolas & The Iceni (Theme)
Lucy She Rises
Roll Right (2019, self)

Coco Love Alcorn
I Forgive Myself
Rebirth (2019, Self) CDN

Jordana Talsky
Bitter Sweet Heart
Neither Of Either (2017, Self) CDN

Annie & Rod Capps
When They Fall
When They Fall (2019, Yellow Room Records)

The Sweet Lowdown
Low Clouds In The Morning
Low Clouds In The Morning (2019, Self) CDN

Anna Ludlow
The Mayflower
Wherever You Go (2019, Self) CDN

Emily Mure
Sad Songs and Waltzes (2019, Nine Athens Music)

Interview: Emily Mure discussing her new album “Sad Songs and Waltzes”.

Emily Mure
No Surprises
Sad Songs and Waltzes (2019, Nine Athens Music)

Emily Mure
Sad Songs and Waltzes
Sad Songs and Waltzes (2019, Nine Athens Music)

Katherine Fischer
Won’t Be Alone
Wildflower Heart (2019, Self) CDN

West My Friend
Build A Bed
In Constellation (2019, Grammar Fight Records) CDN

Dayna Manning
The Same Way
Morning Light (2019, Self) CDN

Sharon Goldman
The End of Sunset Over Athens
Every Trip Around the Sun (2019, Self)

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