Folk Roots Radio Episode 461: feat. Jon Brooks & More New Releases

Folk Roots Radio Episode 461: feat. Jon Brooks & More New Releases

Toronto singer-songwriter Jon Brooks joins us on Episode 461 of Folk Roots Radio to chat about his seventh album “Moth Not Rust II” – a reimagining of his 2009 solo album of the same name, but this time around, with his band ‘The Outskirts of Approval’. Jon Brooks is one of those performers that is a must see – and an artist who pushes you to reflect on what you’re listening to, and in the case of Moth Nor Rust – to ask what it means to be human. I know we’re biased, but it’s a fabulous interview with an artist who really brings out the fan in me. Rounding out the episode this time around, we also check our new music from The New Customs, Nelson Sobral, Lloyd Spiegel, Bruce Cockburn, Sharon Goldman and Emily Mure. Check out the full playlist below.


Jon Brooks says that he writes songs to calm those who’ve looked into and seen what is in their hearts; he also writes songs to terrify those who’ve not. That’s pretty accurate as far as we’re concerned – his lyrics deserve to be poured over, as no word is EVER wasted.

Jon Brooks is a Kerrville New Folk winner (2010) and has been nominated for English Songwriter  of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards more times than any other artist.

Moth Nor Rust II (Fallen Tree Records), revisits the original Moth Nor Rust, with 10 years of artistic maturity and a new band.

“The song is an art form that operates in time and 10 years time has a way of transforming the songs in ways worthy of re-recording. The lead off track “When We Go” was written for my sister’s wedding. Since then, it’s been used in at least three funeral memorials and zero weddings.”

The title, Moth Nor Rust is taken from bible verse Matthew 6:19 – 21 : ‘Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’

The Outskirts of Approval feature Neil Cruickshank (guitars, bass, organ), John Showman (fiddle) and Vivienne Wilder (bass, vocals). Moth Nor Rust II was produced by the original engineer, Jason LaPrade with Neil Cruickshank.

Jon Brooks will be releasing Moth Nor Rust II at The Moonshine Cafe, Oakville (September 12) and The Dakota Tavern, Toronto (September 13). For more information and other tour dates, visit

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Nicolas & The Iceni (Theme)
Lucy She Rises
Roll Right (2019, self)

The New Customs
Chasing Light
Selling Religion On Government Street (2019, Self) CDN

Nelson Sobral
The Light
n3lly (2018, Self) CDN

Lloyd Spiegel
Let Your Love Lie Down
Cut And Run (2019, Self)

Bruce Cockburn
Blind Willie
Crowing Ignites (2019, True North) CDN

Jon Brooks
When We Go
Moth Nor Rust II (2019, Fallen Tree Records) CDN

Interview: Jon Brooks discussing new album “Moth Nor Rust II”.

Jon Brooks
What’s Within Us
Moth Nor Rust II (2019, Fallen Tree Records) CDN

Jon Brooks
There Is Only Love
Moth Nor Rust II (2019, Fallen Tree Records) CDN

Sharon Goldman
Every Trip Around the Sun
Every Trip Around the Sun (2019, Self)

Emily Mure
When You’re Gone
Sad Songs And Waltzes (2019, Nine Athens Music)

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