Folk Roots Radio Episode 454: feat. Geneviève Racette & More New Releases

Folk Roots Radio Episode 454: feat. Geneviève Racette & More New Releases

Montreal singer-songwriter Geneviève Racette joins us on Episode 454 of Folk Roots Radio to chat about her thoughtful and introspective folk-pop release, and first bilingual effort “No Water, No Flowers”. It’s a great album, and an interview you’ll definitely want to stick around for. We also check our new music from James Hill & Anne Janelle, The Marrieds, The Small Glories, Mike Klein, Tim Moxam, Innes Wilson, Noah Derksen and Shari Ulrich. Check out the full playlist below.


Geneviève Racette‘s wonderful sophomore album “No Water, No Flowers” and first bilingual recording, effortlessly moves back and forward between songs in English and French.

“This new album means so much to me. It truly represents who I am, coming from such a long line of bilingual families. My vision with this record is to bring positivity to bilingualism. My whole life I was careful not to offend anyone with my bilingualism, in concerts and in day to day life. I am done hiding that part of myself. I will embrace it instead.”

There’s almost a concept feel to No Water, No Flowers as Geneviève takes us through songs about life, death, grief, love and travel almost as if it’s exploring the ‘circle of life’. It’s a truly beautiful recording, and definitely worth checking out.

Work on the new album was started at the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity in October 2018 with François-Pierre Lue and Luc Herrmann, with the final production occurring at Hotel 2 Tango Montreal with musicians Luc Herrmann (guitar and mandolin), Philippe Fleury (drums), Jeanne Corpataux-Blache (upright bass), Francis Veillette (pedal steel and banjo), Ariane Vaillancourt (piano), producer François-Pierre Lue and engineer Shae Brossard.

For more information about the music of Geneviève Racette, visit Photo: Caroline Perron.

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Nicolas & The Iceni (Theme)
Lucy She Rises
Roll Right (2019, self)

James Hill & Anne Janelle
Gold Digger
Many A Moon (2019, Borealis Records) CDN

The Marrieds
Heavy Hearts (2019, Self) CDN

The Small Glories
Assiniboine & the Red (2019, Red House Records) CDN

Mike Klein
Mississippi Sawyer / Angelina Baker
Over The Waves (2019, Self) CDN

Geneviève Racette
Les Lignes De Ma Main
No Water, No Flowers (2019, Self) CDN

Interview: Geneviève Racette discussing her new album “No Water, No Flowers”.

Geneviève Racette
Margo’s Song
No Water, No Flowers (2019, Self) CDN

Geneviève Racette
Magnetic Love
No Water, No Flowers (2019, Self) CDN

Tim Moxam
Marlborough Hall (2019, Roaring Girl Records) CDN

Innes Wilson
Of Love And Lost
(single) (2019, Out Of Sound Records) CDN

Noah Derksen
Love, Come Easy
America, Dreaming – Part 2 (2019, Self) CDN

Shari Ulrich
Love Is Everything
Back To Shore (2019, Borealis Records) CDN

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