Folk Roots Radio Episode 405: feat. Jory Nash & More New Releases

Folk Roots Radio Episode 405: feat. Jory Nash & More New Releases

Jory Nash joins us on Episode 405 of Folk Roots Radio to chat about his latest album “Wilderness Years”, and the challenges of making a living as a singer-songwriter in a world where online streaming is rapidly becoming the primary way people listen to music. He also plays two songs from the new album live for us. It’s a great interview and definitely worth sticking around for. We also hear from Guelph based singer-songwriter Doris Folkens who has just released a new single for Remembrance Day, “All Our Roses”, and check out more of the new music we’ve received including new releases from Kaia Kater, Missy Raines, Kathy Kallick Band, Kittel & Co. and Jenie Thai. Check you the full playlist below.


Jory Nash released his ninth album “Wilderness Years” earlier this year. It maybe his best yet, which is saying a lot for an artist who consistently produces great albums. It may also be his last – or at least for a while. As Jory explains during an in depth interview with Jan Hall at the 2018 Folk Music Ontario conference, it’s getting harder and harder to make a living as a singer-songwriter in a music world that is becoming so totally dominated by streaming companies that, at the present time, do not fairly compensate artists for access to their music.

Wilderness Years was co-produced with Chris Stringer, and recorded at Union Sound in Toronto with support from Jason Fowler, (guitars, mandolin), Devon Henderson (bass), Robbie Grunwald (piano, organ, accordion), Gary Craig (percussion), Dean Drouillard (6 & 12 string electric guitars), Burke Carroll (pedal steel), Kevin Fox (cello), Drew Jurecka (strings), Gene Hardy (sax), Jerome Godboo (harmonica) with Lori Cullen, Oh Susanna, Lydia Persuad & Chloe Watkinson on backing vocals. The new album has a lush and warm feel, and features 11 songs that are some of the most personal Jory has written, reflecting on the joys and responsibilities of new fatherhood, and crossing borders from folk and pop to soul, jazz and blues, with a nod to some of the great singer-songwriter albums of the 70s.

“The songs on the new album are my most personal to date, exploring the joys and isolation of new fatherhood, the hard changing musical business landscape that I find increasingly difficult to navigate, the march of time and the nature of love, all examined through lenses of humour, sadness, optimism, fear, defiance and hope.”

Jory Nash plays Silence in Guelph on Saturday November 17 at 8 p.m. Visit Jory Nash online at

Guelph singer-songwriter Doris Folkens has released a new song for Remembrance Day. The new song, “All Our Roses”, is about her mother’s experience as a young child living in Hamburg, Germany during World War 2. Doris Folkens family history has provided rich material for a young singer-songwriter who is already developing a reputation as a storyteller. The song “Across The Sea” on her debut album is a song about a woman leaving home for love and a life across the sea. It’s also partly her mother’s story, as an immigrant from Germany, who found better opportunities in Canada. All Our Roses was produced by Andrew Collins, who also plays mandolin on the new recording. We caught up the Doris Folkens in Guelph to chat about the new song. For more information about Doris Folkens, visit

That’s all we have time for, this time around. Thanks to all the artists who share their music with us, and thank you for listening. We have a lot of great music and interviews to bring you on future shows. I hope you’ll join us!


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Nicolas & The Iceni (Theme)
Lucy She Rises (Demo)
Roll Right (Pre-release, self)

Kaia Kater
Poets Be Buried
Grenades (2018, Smithsonian Folkways) CDN

Missy Raines
Swept Away
Royal Traveller (2018, Compass Records)

Kathy Kallick Band
Pockets Full Of Rain
Horrible World (2018, Live Oak Records)

Kittel & Co.
Whorls (2018, Compass Records)

Jory Nash
Sister Station (Live)

Interview: Jory Nash discussing his latest album “Wilderness Years” at the 2018 Folk Music Ontario conference.

Jory Nash
Wilderness (Live)

Jory Nash
The Astral Plane
Wilderness Years (2018, Thin Man Records) CDN

Doris Folkens
Across The Sea
Doris Folkens (2018, Self) CDN

Interview: Doris Folkens discussing her new single “All Our Roses”.

Doris Folkens
All Our Roses
(single) (2018, Self) CDN

Jenie Thai
Do You Feel The Way I Do?
Night On Fire (2018, Self) CDN

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