Folk Roots Radio Episode 367: Show The Love

Folk Roots Radio Episode 367 - Show The Love

We’re giving over all of Episode 367 of Folk Roots Radio to a great community project in Leamington Ontario that is using the arts to support revitalization of its uptown core, and, in particular, the completion of The Bank Theatre. We have interviews with Mayor of Leamington John Paterson – who is also a musician; The Bank Theatre board president Ursula Tiessen, and local musicians Neil Quiring and Dale Butler alongside music from a new double CD “Show The Love” which features local artists sharing their music to support fundraising efforts. It’s a very inspiring episode. I hope you’ll check it out. To learn more about The Bank Theatre, and its fundraising campaign, visit Check out the full playlist below.

Show Notes

Leamington is a town of around thirty thousand people located in the most southern part of Canada, down on Lake Erie in beautiful Essex County, Ontario. Known as the ‘Tomato Capital of Canada’, Leamington suffered severely during an economic downturn created in 2014 when the H.J. Heinz Company made the decision to close their canning plant, the town’s major employer. Fortunately another company, Highbury Canco stepped in to keep the factory open – albeit with a smaller workforce.

The Bank Theatre, which as you may have worked out from its name was once a bank – the Bank of Montreal, was purchased by the Town of Leamington in 2012 for $1 and was given to a local community theatre group, the Sun Parlour Players Community Theatre to renovate and manage.

The Municipality of Leamington has offered a matching fund campaign, matching dollar for dollar all private and corporate sector donations capped at $400,000 with a deadline of April 23, 2018 and to date, The Bank Theatre have already raised more than $200,000. For more information, visit

The double CD collection “Show The Love” features 23 artists sharing their music to support fundraising efforts to finish The Bank Theatre.

Show The Love

Disc 1

1. Storms of Life – John Paterson – Folk
Mayor of Leamington records his first song featuring his accomplished 12 string guitar playing and smooth vocals.

2. Still Tomato Town – Justin Latam – Folk
A down to earth folk song for his hometown following the 2014 decision of the H.J. Heinz Company to leave Leamington.

3. And Still We Move – Crissi Cochrane – Pop-Soul
Windsor’s pop-soul darling charms with her sultry, smooth vibes.

4. The Glass – The Oh Chays – Blues Americana
An eclectic soul-Americana duo.

5. Stones Of Life – The Quiring Brothers – Country
Peter, Neil, and Abe Quiring record their first original song, written by all three brothers.

6. Promise of Another Day – Gregger Botting – Folk
Imagery at the fore and a turn-of-phrase worthy of John Prine, Gregger writes about life, loss and the nostalgia of it all.

7. Since Forgotten – Kari Lynn & Roger Hewett – Blues
Kari Kynn is a versatile, classically trained vocalist. Roger is a highly sought-after composer, orchestrator and musical director.

8. Highway To You – Andrew Taves – Country
Wheatley, Ontario singer-songwriter who writes about what he knows: love, family, cars, beer and work.

9. I’m Outta Here – Francine Honey – Pop
Canadian bilingual singer-songwriter, and recording artist.

10. Invisible Line – Allison Brown – Folk
Sweet, powerful singing illustrates landscapes both strange and familiar with her stories and songs.

11.The Oak Island Money Pit – Max Marshall – Ragtime Blues
A fingerstyle, folk-ragtime-blues machine.

12.The Absolutely True Story of Bob and Rose – Peter Light – Folk
His writing is a warm stew of jazz and pop with a teaspoon of folk that he calls New Retro.


Disc 2

1. Am I Dreaming – Dale Butler – Folk/Pop
Leamington’s local favourite, a versatile singer-songwriter and true entertainer, whose music speaks to audiences of all ages.

2. I Believe In You – The Laws – Folkgrass/Country
Award-winning singer-songwriters and founders of Kingsville Folk Music Festival.

3. Only In Love – Soul Brother Mike – Soulful R & B
An original rhythm and blues singer-composer from Windsor, Ontario.

4. Since You’ve Been Gone – Mary Newland and Richard Baker – Pop
Three decades performing on stage and in the studio with some of the biggest names in popular music and now the Linda Ronstadt tribute act, The Blue Bayou Band.

5. Almost All The Time – Robert Stark – Folk/Roots
Fingerstyle playing and original heartfelt lyrics that speaks to listeners.

6. Spirit of Love – The Lights – Folk
A unique brand of music spanning decades and genres.

7. Pretty Things – Martha Renaud – Folk/Roots
A teller of stories, weaving a tapestry from life experiences to warm the heart and touch the soul.

8. Black Blizzard – Denis Bastarache – Blues Rock
An engaging stage performer who loves performing his brand of music throughout the US and Canada.

9. Big Muddy – Karen Morand – Folk Blues
Award-winning singer-songwriter delivering engaging songs that stir and lift the soul.

10. Stars In Our Eyes – The Fontaines – Folk
Thoughtful lyrics, powerful harmonies, unique instrumentation. Folk Music with a modern twist.

11. Keep The Songs Alive – Nicole Barron – Folk/Pop
Powerful internationally touring Christian singer-songwriter and recording artist.

And that’s all we have time for, this time around. Thanks to all the artists who share their music with us, and thank you for listening. We have a lot of great music and interviews to bring you on future shows. I hope you’ll join us!


You can listen to this episode again on Soundcloud by following the link below. You can also listen to episodes of Folk Roots Radio, on demand, via iTunes, Mixcloud, Stitcher and Tune-in Radio. (Click on the highlighted link to reach your chosen platform.)


Nicolas & The Iceni (Theme)
Lucy She Rises (Demo)
Roll Right (Pre-release, self)

Gregger Botting
Promise Of Another Day (feat. Taylor Holden)
Show The Love (2018, Self) CDN

Martha Renaud
Pretty Things
Show The Love (2018, Self) CDN

Robert Stark
Almost All The Time
Show The Love (2018, Self) CDN

Dale Butler
Song For Judy (instrumental)
Now I See (2013, Self) CDN

Interview: Neil Quiring.

Quiring Brothers
Stones Of Life
Show The Love (2018, Self) CDN

Justin Latam
Still Tomato Town
Show The Love (2018, Self) CDN

Interview: John Paterson.

John Paterson
Storms Of Life
Show The Love (2018, Self) CDN

Interview: Dale Butler.

Dale Butler
Am I Dreaming
Show The Love (2018, Self) CDN

Interview: The Bank Theatre.

Kari Lynn & Roger Hewett
Since Forgotten
Show The Love (2018, Self) CDN

Crissi Cochrane
And Still We Move
Show The Love (2018, Self) CDN

Andrew Taves
Highway To You
Show The Love (2018, Self) CDN

About the author


Host of Folk Roots Radio, Jan Hall started in Radio in 1993 at WEFT 90.1fm in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Folk Roots Radio (formerly Royal City Rag) debuted on CFRU 93.3fm in August 2005 before developing into a syndicated radio show. As the host of Folk Roots Radio, Jan focuses on bringing new folk, roots and blues music and the voices of upcoming and independent artists to the airwaves. Jan is also a much sought after stage host and festival emcee. In 2019, Jan Hall received Folk Music Ontario's prestigious Estelle Klein Award for her contribution to Ontario's folk music community.


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  • Another great show from Jan Hall!

    Very nice dedication of this show to The Bank Theatre renovation project. And thank you for featuring one of Kari’s songs. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks, Roger. I love working on Folk Roots Radio. Putting the Bank Theatre episode together was especially enjoyable. Lots of love for that place. Great to hear the Mayor talk about how important the arts are in Leamington!

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