Folk Roots Radio Episode 342: Brendan Scott Friel Interview & More New Releases

Folk Roots Radio Episode 342: Brendan Scott Friel Interview & More New Releases

Brendan Scott Friel started his music career as the lead guitarist in well-received Windsor harmony rock combo The Brilliancy, before deciding to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter. Earlier this year, Brendan joined us in the Quantum Sound Productions studio in Kingsville ON to record an edition of the video series, the Sun Parlour Coffee House Sessions. Episode 342 of Folk Roots Radio features our interview with Brendan alongside live versions of three songs from his debut album “Quiet Cars”. As always, we also check out more of the latest new releases including new music from David Myles, Ian Sherwood and the Skydiggers. It’s a good one! I hope you’ll join us. Check out the full playlist below.


Episodes of the Sun Parlour Coffee House Sessions are recorded in the Quantum Sound Productions studio in Kingsville Ontario. Artists join us in the studio to record five or six songs live and chat about their music. Brendan Scott Friel’s full session will be released in the fall of 2017. For more information about Brendan Scott Friel, visit Check out the Sun Parlour Coffee House Sessions online at

Show Notes

Notes about some of the new music on our radar that made it into Episode 342 of Folk Roots Radio.

David Myles has just released his tenth album, the eclectic and playful “Real Love” (2017, Little Tiny Records) which features a diversity of styles on thirteen tracks that explore the roots of Rock n’ Roll. Real Love’s tendency to mix lush arrangements and danceable rhythms with timeless rock ’n’ roll structures has led some early listeners to dub the album’s vibrant sound “Elvis in Motown”. On this episode we play the fabulous a cappella song “Dreaming” that actually wraps the album, but felt like the perfect way to start the episode. For more information about David Myles, visit

The East Pointers, that’s fiddler/singer Tim Chaisson, with his cousin – banjoist Koady Chaisson and guitarist Jake Charon, have just released their second album “What We Leave Behind” produced by East Coast songwriter/producer Gordie Sampson. The follow-up to their 2015 JUNO Award-winning debut “Secret Victory”, “What We Leave Behind” continues to mine the East Coast tradition of Canadian Celtic music, with a similar mix of traditional-sounding instrumental tunes, and radio-ready songs. Currently on an extensive Australian tour, the first single “82 Fires” was co-written with Australian singer-songwriter Liz Stringer. 82 Fires tells the tail of devastating fire in Tasmania and the incredible power of nature unleashed.

“While in Penguin, Tasmania we spoke with an older gentleman, a lifelong resident, who said that there were 82 wildfires currently on the loose in Tasmania, the most in over half a century. It hit home the severity of what we were all experiencing,” explains Koady. “It was a restless few days for us. Small human decisions about where to live or whether or not the show would go on didn’t matter, Mother Nature would always have the final say. Being in the middle of that brings an immediacy about it, you can feel powerless.”

Visit the East Pointers online at

Singer-songwriter Ken Dunn’s 2015 album “The Great Unknown” was one of my favourite albums of the year. An exquisite slice of beautifully played thoughtful folk, it was an absolute pleasure to listen to it. His wonderful new album “Wondrous Beauty,” (his seventh,) is the start of a whole new relationship with his music. 10 new well-crafted Ken Dunn songs with hints of traditional folk and dashes of Celtic flare featuring Ken’s lovely languid voice with some really nice harmonies from partner and keyboard player Anna Green. There’s also some great fiddle from Tyler Beckett, and a lovely understated production from Ken himself. On this episode we play “Saskatoon”, a love song that also reflects on the beauty of nature and the changing seasons. For information on Ken Dunn visit

Folkapotamus is a Boston-area folk duo consisting of Penni Hart and Tony Trites who have been performing together since 2011. Their sophomore release, “Middle of Nowhere” features six originals, a traditional folk song, a classic folk song, and a great cover of one of their favourite rock songs – the Foo Fighters “Times Like These”. Visit Folkapotamus online at

Halifax singer-songwriter Ian Sherwood won a 2013 Canadian Folk Music Award for Contemporary Singer Of The Year, for his album “Live At The Hive” (2012, Self). His fifth studio album “Bring The Light”, produced by Daniel Ledwell, is filled with the same hooky cleverness that has endeared Sherwood to his audiences. This time, the deft work of Ledwell’s production brings Sherwood’s songs a new dimension of beauty and depth. The song we play on this episode “Long Kiss Goodbye” features Catherine MacLellan on backing vocals. Ian will be on tour across Canada this fall. For more information, visit

Sudbury Ontario’s punk rock bluegrass band Murder Murder who specialize in the murder ballad, have just released their third album, “Wicked Lines & Veins” which features 11 original songs, played with the passion and intensity that they produce in their live show. Find them online at

The Skydiggers are getting to set to release their 9th studio album, “Warmth of the Sun”. An eloquent and vital plea for compassion, honesty, healing and reckoning, rendered in the group’s classic folk-rock style, the 12-track album, which reflects the group’s elemental guitar-based origins and plaintive layered vocal style, was recorded by longtime band associate Michael Timmins (Cowboy Junkies).

The title track was inspired sparked by Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip’s solo project “Secret Path” (2016, Arts & Crafts). “I had been thinking a lot about truth and reconciliation with First Nations and aboriginals in Canada, which was sparked by my friend Gord’s project,” says guitarist Josh Finlayson. “I spent a lot of time working on that and trying to figure out what I wanted to say. That song took the better part of a year for me to finish. But it was a song that needed that time, musically and lyrically.”

According to singer Andy Maize, the powerful title track sets the tone for the album: ‘Can the warmth of the sun heal anyone?/Can the stars and the moon reveal the truth?’ “I don’t think it was intentional, but I can hear a thread on these songs about reaching out, being honest with yourself and making a connection with people, in order to get to a better place. That’s definitely a goal for us, it always is,”.

For more information visit

Belgian band WÖR have produced two albums of instrumental music that take as their focus Flemish tunes composed in 18th century. On this episode we play “Meijskensberg” from their second album ‘Sssht”. Because the title sounds like a word I can’t say on the radio, I had to spell it out as S-S-S-H-T. If you know the character Clay Davis from David Simon’s classic TV crime drama “The Wire”, you’ll know’ll how to pronounce it! Visit WÖR online at

And that’s all we have time for, this time around. Thanks to all the artists who share their music with us, and thank you for listening. We have a lot of great music and interviews to bring you on future shows. I hope you’ll join us!


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Nicolas & The Iceni (Theme)
Lucy She Rises (Demo)
Roll Right (Pre-release, self)

David Myles
Real Love (2017, Little Tiny Records) CDN

The East Pointers
82 Fires
What We Leave Behind (2017, Self) CDN

Ken Dunn
Wondrous Beauty (2017, Self) CDN

Rob Lutes
Better Past
Walk In The Dark (2017, Lucky Bear Records) CDN

Sssht (2017, Appel Rekords)

Brendan Scott Friel
Live at the Sun Parlour Coffee House Sessions

Brendan Scott Friel
Little Man
Live at the Sun Parlour Coffee House Sessions

Interview: Brendan Scott Friel at the Sun Parlour Coffee House Sessions.

Brendan Scott Friel
Live at the Sun Parlour Coffee House Sessions

Dear Rose
Middle Of Nowhere (2017, Phat Cat Records)

Alice Howe
Homeland Blues
You’ve Been Away So Long (2017, Self)

Murder Murder
Wicked Lines & Veins (2017, Self) CDN

Ian Sherwood
Long Kiss Goodbye
Bring The Light (2017, Self) CDN

Warmth Of The Sun
Warmth Of The Sun (2017, Latent Recordings) CDN

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