Folk Roots Radio Episode 308: Winona Wilde & International Women’s Day

Folk Roots Radio Episode 308: Winona Wilde Interview & More New Music From Female Artists!

Join us as we celebrate International Women’s Day on Episode 308 of Folk Roots Radio with an interview with acclaimed singer/songwriter and road dog Winona Wilde alongside more of the best new releases from female artists. Check out the full playlist below.

The Interview

Iraqi-Canadian songwriter and full-time road dog, Winona Wilde, aka Noosa Al-Sarraj, has been slinging her boisterous brand of country-folk Canadiana all over Canada, the U.S & Europe for several years without rest. Wielding lyrical wit and fearless emotion, this born-again-Ontarian promises to be two parts funny and one part sad. A 2016 Folk Music Ontario Official Showcase Artist and 2015 BC Musician Magazine Songwriter of the Year, Winona Wilde joined us in the mobile studio at the Folk Music Ontario conference to chat about her music, and play a couple of new songs live. For more information, visit

Show Notes

Notes about some of the new music on our radar that made it into this episode.

British born singer-songwriter Emily Maguire has just released her fifth album, the wonderfully atmospheric “A Bit Of Blue”, which was recorded between Queensland Australia and Ross On Wye in England. It’s an album of honest and thought provoking songs about lost love and lost lives – there’s a song about miscarriage on there, and several songs that tackle the challenges of living with depression and bipolar disorder. It’s an album that really deserves to be checked out. We’ll definitely be playing more from it on a future episode.

Singer/songwriter Monica Rizzio moved from Texas to Cape Cod. In Cape Cod, they call people from away, “Washashores” – which explains why she called her 2016 album, “Washashore Cowgirl”. I come from the UK, and live down by Lake Erie. I guess that must make me the Ontario version of a washashore. Is there a name for that?

Banjo playing California girl Donna Lynn Caskey is back on this episode with ‘Look At Me”, a song about the quandary of whether you dress to please someone else or please yourself, from her second album “The Love Still Shows” (2017, Cordulia). As someone who spends a lot of her life, down in the studio, in pyjamas, I think I solved that one!

We dip back into the new Lynne Hanson album “Uneven Ground”, produced by Winnipeg’s Scott Nolan, for the night driving “Counting Heartbeats” – one of our favourite tracks. We also find time for another instrumental from Northern Ontario fiddler Adrianna Ciccone‘s excellent 2015 Bruce Molsky produced album “The Back Of Winter”.

Americana duo Goodbye Blue feature Charlotte Kendrick and Dan Rowe who sing about the joys and challenges of parenting on their 2016 album “Worth the Wait” – their return to making music after a hiatus to have a family. On this episode we play “Another One On The Way”, which I think is self-explanatory.

Loretta Hagen is getting set to release her new album “Lucky Stars”, the follow-up to her very well received 2012 album “Mud and Stone”. On this episode we play another teaser track “Where Are The Rainbows” which features Loretta Hagen on acoustic guitar and vocals, Maia Sharp on tenor sax, Mark Dann on bass, Andrew Hulle on drums and Gary Hagen on acoustic guitar. For more information, visit

And that’s all we have time for this time around. Thanks to all the artists who share their music with us, and thank you for listening. We have a lot of great music and interviews to bring you on future shows. I hope you’ll join us!


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Nicolas & The Iceni (Theme)
Lucy She Rises (Demo)
Roll Right (Pre-release, self)

Emily Maguire
The Words That I Could Say
A Bit Of Blue (2017, Shaktu Records)

Monica Rizzio
Best I Can
Washashore Cowgirl (2016, Self)

Donna Lynn Caskey
Look At Me
The Love Still Shows (2017, Cordulia)

Lynne Hanson
Counting Heartbeats
Uneven Ground (2017, Self) CDN

Adrianna Ciccone
Le Brandy Culott
The Back Of Winter (2015, Self) CDN

Winona Wilde
Dating Game
You Lose Some, You Lose Some (2016, Self) CDN

Interview: Winona Wilde recorded at the Folk Music Ontario conference in October 2016.

Winona Wilde
Chick Singer (Live)

Winona Wilde
Wasted Time (Live)

Goodbye Blue
Another One On The Way
Worth The Wait (2016, Self)

Loretta Hagen
Where Are The Rainbows
Lucky Stars (2017, Self)

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