Folk Roots Radio Episode 300: We’re All About The Music!

We're all about the music, on Episode 300 of Folk Roots Radio

We’ve finally made it to three hundred episodes of Folk Roots Radio! Actually, truth be told, we’re way past 300, as this show previously existed under a different name – but it still sounds good to say that. For this episode, we’re bringing you another great selection of new releases, including our first play of the new albums from Rose Cousins, Richard Laviolette, Portland’s John Craigie and another track the great Bill & Joel Plaskett collaboration “Solidarity”. I hope you’ll check it out.

Show Notes

Jenny Whiteley has been nominated for a Juno for Traditional Roots Album of the Year for her album “The Original Jenny Whiteley” (2016, Black Hen Music). In celebration, we play her fabulous a cappella version of “Things Are Coming My Way” which also features harmonies from her Dad, Chris and uncle Ken.

Rose Cousins is just about to release her new album “Natural Conclusion” (2017, Outside Music), produced in Toronto with acclaimed producer Joe Henry. On this episode, we play the lead off track from the album “Chosen” a song which Rose describes as being about …looking for inner confidence and reassurance to move forward with what I’d set out to do personally and professionally. I think it’s hard to be alive without accepting that there are always questions in the passenger seat. We wish but can’t ever know for sure how things will work out and that can feel uncomfortable and risky. The song reflects an honest and raw moment from inside this questioning and was the spark that made me think I could make another record. We’ll definitely have more from this album on a future show.

Teyr (‘3’ in the Cornish language) are a threesome from London in the UK. They came out of the folk session scene there and use a blend of voice, fiddle, uilleann pipes, guitar, low whistle and accordion to engage the listener on a mix of bothy ballads, sea shanties, folk tunes and Irish poetry . On this episode, we play “Reeds & Fipple” from their debut release “Far From The Tree” (2016, Sleight of Hand Records), a tune that features Dominic Henderson on the uilleann pipes.

Washboard infused old times roots duo Tomato Tomato, that’s husband and wife John and Lisa McLaggan from New Brunswick have a great album of foot-stomping bluegrass out just now “I Go Where You Go” (2016, Porchlight Records). There are lots of good harmonies on an album with great musicianship where it’s clear they’re everyone’s having loads of fun. We were a bit tardy in getting to this June 2016 release, which, let’s be honest, is a bit of an irony as we live in Tomato Town.

Tim Grimm released “Woody’s Landlord”, a sort of protest song – or more accurately a character reminder song, just before the US presidential election. The song tells the story of how Donald Trump’s father was apparently Woody Guthrie’s landlord while Woody lived in New York. It’s a great song, and very well played – with a message that should still have relevance long after the current dark days have past.

We also dig back into the great new collaboration from Joel Plaskett and his Dad Bill, “Solidarity” (2017, Pheromone). This time we feature the Bill Plaskett song “Help Me Somebody Depression Blues”, featuring Bill on acoustic guitar and vocals, and Joel on drums. There’s a great feel to this album – a long time coming together on record with the person that Joel credits as the major influence on his music career. You can feel the love.

We’re been really enjoying singer-songwriter Ken Yates‘ latest album “Huntsville” (2016, Self). Ken, from London Ontario is on tour in Ontario in February and March including a Tilbury Arts Council show on February 25 (Get tickets). For more information on all Ken’s tour dates, visit

Richard Laviolette is a songwriter who really puts his life and personal passions into his music. His soon to be released album ““Taking the Long Way Home”” is all about remaining strong in the face of life’s challenges. With some lovely warm production from Andy Magoffin from the House of Miracles, the album brings together some really talented roots players who know how to play with a light touch. Listening to an album with a smile on your face, is a good sign that you like it. We’ll dip back into it on a future show.

And that’s all we have time for this time around. Thanks to all the artists who share their music with us, and thank you for listening. We have a lot of great music and interviews to bring you on future shows. I hope you’ll join us!

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Nicolas & The Iceni (Theme)
Lucy She Rises (Demo)
Roll Right (expected 2016)

Jenny Whiteley
Things Are Coming My Way
The Original Jenny Whiteley (2016, Black Hen Music) CDN

Rose Cousins
Natural Conclusion (2017, Outside Music) CDN

Beth Wood
Paper Kites
Spring Tide (2016, Self)

Cameron Austin
These Days
Charging Towards The Sun (2017, Self) CDN

Reeds & Fipple
Far From The Tree (2016, Sleight of Hand Records)

Bill & Joel Plaskett
Help Me Somebody Depression Blues
Solidarity (2016, Pheromone) CDN

Moore & McGregor
Don’t Let Us Get Sick
Dream With Me (2017, Self) CDN

Ken Yates
Help Is On The Way
Huntsville (2016, Self) CDN

Jennifer Cutting’s Ocean Orchestra
Leaves Of Autumn (feat. Lisa Moscatiello)
Waves (2017, SunSign Records)

John Craigie
Virgin Guitar
No Rain, No Rose (2016, Self)

Kevin Roy
Loving Arms
Heartworn Highways (2016, Self) CDN

Ordinary Elephant
Who I Am
Before I Go (2017, Berkalin Records)

Tomato Tomato
Ain’t Dead Yet
I Go Where You Go (2016, Porchlight Records) CDN

Tim Grimm
Woody’s Landlord
(Single) (2016, Self)

Colin James
Ain’t Long For Day
Blue Highways (2016, True North Records) CDN

Richard Laviolette
Taking the Long Way Home
Taking the Long Way Home (2017, You’ve Changed Records) CDN

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