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Karen Morand – Never Enough – Folk Roots Radio

Karen Morand – Never Enough – Folk Roots Radio

Karen Morand‘s latest single “Never Enough’ was actually written for a songwriting challenge, yet as the coronavirus pandemic has unfolded, it has taken on a much greater significance. “One more scroll, one more mouthful, one more guilty pleasure – there are things we do to deal with the hard parts of life. It becomes a problem when “just one more” isn’t enough. Never Enough is a love song. It reaches into the heart of addictions and calls out the true soul of a person.” Never Enough will appear on Karen’s next album, “Ghost Hotel”, which is due in early 2022. The single was recorded at Sound Foundry Studios, Kingsville ON, with production by Karen and studio owner, Brett Humber. Joining Karen (vocals, B3 organ) in the studio were her regular side players, the Bosco Boys – that’s Aaron Verhulst on guitar and Benny Santoro on drums. Brett Humber also added some electric guitar (and harmony vocals) alongside a moonlighting Max Marshall on bass. For more information about the music of Karen Morand, visit Music: Karen Morand “Never Enough” (2021, Self) CDN.

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