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Lynn Harrison – Something More – Folk Roots Radio Interview

Lynn Harrison – Something More – Folk Roots Radio Interview

We included an excerpt from our great in-depth interview with Lynn Harrison in Episode 498 of Folk Roots Radio. You can now check out the full interview here. Enjoy!

Lynn Harrison is a wonderful storytelling singer-songwriter with a fine turn of phrase. Her sixth recording “Something More”, which was produced by Douglas September and Noah Zacharin, features 12 thoughtful and reflective songs about life, love and the power of the human spirit. It’s a beautiful album, and a joy from beginning to end. As befits the production team behind the project, this album has a wonderful feel to it, and includes some excellent players – Noah Zacharin on electric guitar, Douglas September on lap steel, George Koller on bowed bass, Ian de Souza on electric bass and Adam Warner on drums and percussion with cameos from Ed Michael Roth on a bouncy accordion, Denis Keldie on Hammond organ, and Alexander Brown on trumpet. Lynn Harrison is also an ordained Unitarian Universalist (UU) minister, and currently serving at First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto. She is also the creator and host of The Bridge – a themed open stage that blends music and spirituality in an innovative and inclusive way. In all aspects of her work, Lynn Harrison shares an inspirational message of love, hope and justice. For more information about the music of Lynn Harrison, visit Music: Lynn Harrison “You Come To Me”, “When I’m On The Water”, “The Protester” and “Something More” from “Something More” (Self, 2020) CDN.

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